About Ami Bio Fuels

AMI BIO FUELS is a venture initiated by Ami Group of Companies. We are the leaders in manufacturing Lancing Pipe and also manufacture cylinders. Ami bio fuels is formed with an objective to provide an alternate source of clean energy to the fast developing nation like India. By venturing into Bio-mass Briquettes (white coal), we are positioned to provide a substantially cost effective alternate source of fuel to Diesel, Furnace Oil and Coal.

Our production facility is located at Cuttack (Odisha). Our proximity to abundant supply of agro waste puts us at a great advantage to manufacture and provide non-polluting Bio-mass Briquettes to our customers as per their requirements.

Our current capacity allows us to produce 12000 MT of Bio Mass Briquettes per annum and this is easily scalable to double capacity within no time. Our briquettes are 90 mm & 60 mm in diameter and the length is uneven. They are cylindrical in shape.

Our Vision:

To contribute towards saving natural resources like Coal, diesel, Furnace Oil, etc. by promoting the use of non-polluting Bio-Mass Briquettes (white coal).

Our Technology:

The technology used here is reciprocating Ram/Piston press technology mostly used in Europe and US. It is a binder-less technology, therefore, no chemical, adhesive or binders are required for it. It is a completely green   technology which causes no pollution to the environment.

Our Product:

We are producing briquettes from various raw materials such as Bagasse, Groundnut shell, Saw dust, etc. Our Briquettes have a calorific value between 4200 k/Cal – 4500 k/Cal and very low ash content. They can easily replace diesel, furnace oil and grade B & below coal.