We manufacture standard and custom designed steel LPG cylinders. We are fully committed to providing cylinders that offer the ultimate in quality, safety and performance globally. Our team works closely with the customers on new products and applications. Ideas, technology and expertise are exchanged. This enables us to serve our clients better and meet new challenges. 

Product Features

  •  Rugged all-steel manufacturing with heavy-duty collar and footing.
  •  Gas welds automatic, mig or submerged arc welding.
  •  All cylinders undergo heat treatment / stress releived / normalized.
  •  Test process includes visual, hydraulic & pneumatic.
  •  Continuous shot blasting.
  •  Cylinder exterior is of high gloss with corrosion resistant coating. 
  •  Finished cylinders are packed to meet all customers demand / specifications. 

We offer a wide range of Gas Cylinders to our clients. Our product range finds application in residential and commercial purposes. All the cylinders are manufactured in strict compliance with the industry norms, hence are safe to use. We offer our products at affordable prices and ensure the timely deliveries to our customers.

Our standard specifications include the following:

Standard Water Capacity Gas Capacity
IS 3196 (L) 11.7 Liters 5 kg
S 3196 (L) 26.2 Liters 12 kg
IS 3196 (L) 33.3 Liters 14.2 kg
IS 3196 (L) 35.2 Liters 15 kg
IS 3196 (L) 39.9 Liters 17 kg
IS 3196 (L) 44.5 Liters 19 kg
IS 3196 (L) 77.5 Liters 33 kg
IS 3196 (L) 82.2 Liters 35 kg
IS 3196 (L) 111 Liters 47.5 kg