Our Products


Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Safety Valves, Solenoid Valves, Sluice Valves, Butterfly Valves, Globe Valves, Wheel Valve, Gun Metal Gate Valve (screwed/flanged ends)


Hardware & Fasteners:

  • Bolt & Nut
  • MS Bolt & Nut, HT Bolt & Nut, SS Bolt & Nut, Brass Bolt & Nut, MS Wire nail
  • GI barbed wire, GI wire netting
  • Aluminum sheet, Copper and Brass sheet, SS Sheet and Plate, SS Wire, SS angle, SS steel ball
  • Aluminum ladder, Copper washer, Grinding wheel, V-belt, Circlip
  • Godrej Navtal Lock, Link Lock, Door Closer
  • Pilot Spray Gun, Spring washer, MS washer
  • Manila rope, Sisal rope
  • Hand wheel Barrows
  • G.I. Strips, Rubber Mats
  • PVC Conduits, PVC Adhesive Tape
  • Other items related to hardware


CaptureeTools & Tackles

  • Hand tool & Garage tool: Spanner, Box spanner, Hammer, Pipe Wrench, Sly Wrench, Tubular Box Spanner, Tool box, Sledge HammerCapturedPicture10
  • Cutting Tools:HSS Drill bit, HSS hand tap, HSS hacksaw blade, HSS tool bit, HSS angle cutter, HSS side & face cutter, Carbide tip drill, HSS reamer, HSS milling cutter, HSS circular segmental saw and segment & rivet, Bolt cutter, Core Cutterdfg
  • Grinding Tools
  • Precision / Measuring Tools

Air products & Vibrators 

  • Air Products : Air knife, Air nozzles, Air amplifiers, Vortex Tubes, Drum angel, Manifold Mounting Systems, Safety Air GunsZCC-Intro-Jan2018-8w
  • Pneumatic Vibrators : Used in Hoppers, Wagon Tipplers, etc to solve material flow problemsai
  • Lifting Material : Tools like Slings, D Shackles, Chain Pulley Block etc.ab
  • Idlers/Rollers/Pulleys/Belt Conveyor Systemsac

Tubular solution for BFF, LCP, PCI applications 

  • Global leader in Seamless tube manufacturing
  • Specialized applications in Blast furnaces, LCP, PCI, etct


  • Pipe Fittings
  • Hydraulic Fittingsf2

Sealing & Jointing / Material Handling

  • Sealing / Jointing : Jointing sheets, sealing technologies, anticorrosion products
  • Material Handling : Customized screen feeders for captive power plants, steel plants, cement plants, etc

Locks & Adhesives

  • Locks
  • Adhesives

Steel Products and Welding Electrodes

  • Steel Productskju
  • Welding Electrodesgft

Chemicals & Laboratory items

  • Chemical Productsmnb
  • Laboratory Itemshjyg